Big City, Big Question: Searching for Answers in Toronto

TorontoLogoMany define Toronto as the most multi-cultural city in the world, with people of different ethnicity, socioeconomic backgrounds, career goals, and religious beliefs. It is by far the busiest city in Canada.

Trinity Life Church is a church plant seeking to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in this strategic, and yet challenging context. One way they are doing this is through their Big City Big Question campaign. Each year they go around Toronto and ask one question to 60+ people and compile the responses in a video. This is done in order to gauge the spiritual pulse of our city and equip and empower our church, the Church in our city, and the Church across North America to engage the lost. Through this campaign they have been able to affect churches across North America and impact the lost across North America.

Below you can find links to the previous two videos as well as information regarding the third video which will premier November 21st. Please be in prayer for event, especially praying that God’s Spirit would move in Toronto through Trinity Life Church.

BIGQuestionsLogoThis Sunday, we’re kicking off our Big City Big Question III sermon series! This is a highly evangelistic series, both in regards to reaching out and engaging the lost as well as equipping believers to engage the lost. Our series this year is called “If God Is Real…” and answers a question each week journeying from atheism, pantheism, deism, pluralism, to agnosticism culminating in our Advent series. You can follow the sermon series here under sermons:


On Saturday, November 21 we’re releasing the BCBQ III video on social media and at a screening designed for invitation, discussion, and evangelism. Pray both for the gospel to be proclaimed and heard clearly in the sermon series and through the BCBQ videos!

Check out Big City Big Question I:

And Big City Big Question II:

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