Answered Prayers: God at Work in Provo

ProvoBaptistLess than a month ago, we asked your prayers for an event that was taking place on the campus of Brigham Young University. The events purpose was to bring different faiths together (Mormonism, Islam, Evangelical/Baptist, and Catholicism) together for a discussion on the question “what happens when you die” with a crowd of 500 students, mostly Mormons. Below is provided an updated that surpassed expectations with around 600 in attendance! Please be in continued prayer for the work going on in the area, especially for the Neiser family and the First Baptist Church of Provo.

600 at gatheringThank you all so much for praying for the Heaven/Hell symposium at BYU on October 15. There were likely around 600 in attendance for this event! It was so exciting watching that big empty room fill up to standing room in the back! We heard perspectives of “what happens when we die” from LDS, Islamic, Catholic, and Evangelical/Baptist teachers and clergymen. We are so grateful to Dr. Travis Kerns who very clearly and faithfully quoted and explained many statements straight from the Bible on the topic and the Gospel. Some of us were able to engage in great conversations with students when the event was over. We give all praise and glory to God for making this happen, and we pray that His Word proclaimed that night would not return void. We look forward to what He does for the event next year!

Please continue to pray for the small fellowship of believers at First Baptist Church of Provo. Exciting things are happening, but there are also several heavy burdens within our small, close-knit body. Please be in prayer for us as we continue to lead the Provo City “Gospel Community Group” that meets on Sunday nights, consisting of all ages and walks of life. Pray that our group will be unified in Christ and that our members will connect, love and serve one another well. Ben will be teaching a weekend intensive class on hermeneutics (that’s a fancy seminary word for ‘how to study and interpret the Bible’) at the church Friday evening and Saturday morning of this week. Please pray for his final preparations and for those who will be attending the class this weekend.

In Christ,

Ben, Lindsey, Ella & Clara Beth Neiser

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