Church Planting in Military Contexts

PraetorianCPConferenceMilitary communities all over the world need faithful churches working to reach them with the gospel. With approximately 275 military bases in the United States and an additional 150 bases overseas, the natural movements between bases present a tremendous opportunity for gospel advance. In recent years there has been a surge in SBC church planting in military communities; however, compared to the great need for new churches in military communities, the work has only just begun.

Additionally, while roughly 1 million people serve in the United States military, only about 10% of them profess any kind of personal faith. These service members and their families are subjected to high levels of stress and substantial challenges based on our nation’s involvement in combat over the past decade. Proving spiritual support through local bodies of believers is an essential contribution in strengthening those impacted by the effects of war and ongoing deployment demands.

For these reasons the North American Mission BoardThe Praetorian ProjectSoutheastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Military Missions Network have teamed up to host a one day Military Church Planting Conference.

To register for the conference or for further information regarding The Praetorian Project click HERE.


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