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Grab the bag, the keys, call the family- IT’S TIME! This is a moment in every new family’s life that is exciting, terrifying and ultimately safe. You know your doctor, you’ve taken pre-birthing classes, read up on books about parenting and you’re good to go! But think about how you would feel if all of these changes were happening in your family while: living in a different country, a different culture, with different methods and traditions? Several of our missionaries face this while serving overseas. It’s still exciting and terrifying- but the comfort of friends and family are rarely there. Today please take time to pray for our missionaries adding on to their families cross-culturally.

Below is a prayer request from our missionaries in South Asia:

Hello Prayer Team,

We hope you all are doing well and know how thankful we are for your petitions.  Our Awesome God is doing great things among us and our peoples.

We are getting close to the arrival of our little girl which means we needed to relocate to a bigger city until she is born, she has an American passport, and we all have new visas to re-enter our country of service.  We left September 1st and we hope to return to our city by Mid-November.  Here are some specific requests:

  • His grace and peace over us as we transition to a new home for a few months and then transition to a family of 4!
  • His guidance as we plan out our time before the baby comes.  We need to travel to the provincial capital and we have some other appointments and meetings.
  • Times of rest and refreshment with the Lord and each other as we wait for the baby.  We have been busy and are hopeful for some restful days where we can hear from the Lord, enjoy His creation, and have fun as a family.
  • Full-term pregnancy and healthy delivery for mom and baby (due date is October 10). While the second trimester was GREAT, the third trimester has come with gestational diabetes and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions.  We are thankful that mom and baby are healthy and can control the diabetes with diet.
  • His blessings over our parents’ travel and stay with us October 8-28!

Thank you so much for remembering these requests for us.  We are truly grateful for your partnership with us.

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