South Coast Church: First Public Gathering!

SouthCoastChurchIt has begun. South Coast Church of Dartmouth, MA, who we have asked you to be in prayer for in the past, held their first public gathering in August! And God was at work. In one of the least reached places in N. America, South Coast church has hit the ground running. And you have the privilege of partnering with this plant during this exciting time. Please read over their monthly update below and continue to prayer for these brothers and sisters.

God’s presence and provision has been evident these past 4 weeks. We have spent 6 years praying and preparing for this and now it is actually coming together. There have been moments of uncertainty but God’s hand has been clearly seen throughout this journey. 

On July 18th we hosted our first of three Free Family Fun Nights at Buttonwood Park. Our goal was to serve the community and make some good connections with the people in the community and the event was a huge success! An estimated 300 people came and had a great time with their families and our mission team from Hopewell Baptist Church did an incredible job serving the city/town that week! At registration 16 people indicated that they would be interested in volunteering at other community events and another 12 said they would like more information about the church. Needless to say, we were extremely excited and God was at work. Since the event everybody that came has been contacted at least twice by letter (thanks again Hopewell) and by email. Please pray for these contacts that were initiated to become relationships that last, and for these people to take their next step.

God continued to show off last Sunday as we had our first Preview Service. We had a total of 14 people in Dartmouth gathering to worship and that’s a big deal! Our core team did a great job serving those that came and we learned a lot to make our next preview service run smoother. Please keep our next preview service on Aug. 30th in your prayers as well.

We can’t overstate how much it means to have you partnered with us, whether by praying, giving, or coming. Each of you is a part of the team and this would not be possible without you.


Thank you all,
South Coast Church

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