Today, Pray for Missionaries Serving the Deaf Peoples

DeafPeoples1Today, pray for a family serving with the deaf affinity group. This is a rather new affinity group with the International Mission Board (IMB) and one of our SEBTS families are investing in their lives while learning their culture and language. Please continue to pray for all of our missionaries serving the nations, but today remember this particular family as they are ministering to a people that are ignored, forgotten and rarely spoken to- even in our own neighborhoods in the States.

Missions is not a solitary effort. Our men, women, and families depend upon your prayers on behalf of their people and ministries.

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Join with the CGCS in this incredible opportunity to touch the nations and to encourage our SEBTS international missionaries. Here are some specific requests from our missionaries serving with the deaf community:
  • Pray that we will finish language in timely fashion.
  • Pray for continued growth in cultural understanding, in order to more effectively engage our people group’s worldview with the Gospel.
  • Pray that He would send more workers here to reach the Deaf.

For more information and ways to pray for the Deaf Affinity Group, the IMB website offers additional tools:

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