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EssentialBrightGreen_WebEssential Church strives to “magnify Christ and multiply His kingdom” in Seattle, WA. One way Essential church embodies their mission is through an annual summer event called LOVE Bellevue. Since their launch a few years ago, this event has consistently proven effective. However, God was especially at work in 2015. Below are some highlights and ways to be in prayer for Essential church.

Reflections on LOVE Bellevue- Week Two

     LOVE Bellevue month in July has become the most powerful month of missions every year for us; and the second week of LOVE Bellevue 2015 may have been the most impactful week of ministry in the life of Essential Church.  In addition to our 9 person Summer LINK team, we had seven partner teams from 5 states totaling over 100 volunteers to pull off our massive LOVE Bellevue emphasis.

During week two of LOVE Bellevue we:

  • Hosted our third Sports Camp at Lake Hills Elementary with over 140 children participating.
  • Offered a FREE Car Wash at the Heart and Home Thrift Store (We washed over 50 cars!)
  • Worked on the Bellevue Urban Garden
  • Fed the Teenagers at the Boys and Girls Club
  • Prayer Walked and did surveys at Bellevue College
  • Through a massive Pizza Party at the Hidden Valley Park in downtown Bellevue.  Over 200 people interacted with us during the night, but over 2,000 people were exposed to Essential in the process.
  • Offered a Free Block Party at Jubilee REACH with approximately 400 people in attendance
  • Wrote over 100 follow up cards
  • Provided over 2,000 free meals!
  • Had over 150 people at our 9am and 10:45am services including dozens of first time guests!
  • Baptized two men who have professed faith in Jesus Christ.

Watch this Video Highlighting Essential Church’s LOVE BELLEVUE 2016– 

During this amazing week, I was reminded of what an incredible God we serve. To see an outreach of this magnitude take place is only possible through the power of God working through the hearts of His people!  I am very confident that the impact of this week will echo in eternity!  

Prayer Request:

 A Vision for LOVE Bellevue 2016: Pray for a similar response from a large number of our partners to participate in week 2 of LOVE Bellevue 2016.

Stepping Stones:  For many people, the ministries of LOVE Bellevue over the past 3 years have served as stepping stones to a closer trust and connection with Essential Church and an openness to the Gospel.  While we saw much fruit this summer, I think that we are coming ever closer to a spiritual tipping point in our community in which God will bring a great spiritual harvest. Please continue to pray for Essential Church as we strive to Magnify Christ and Multiply His Kingdom in Bellevue and beyond!

Partnerships: I am preparing for our 2016 budget and we are praying for an increase of partnership in 2016 (from new or current partners) as we are set to lose about $50,000 in annual partnership support.  Pray for new or continuing partnerships for Essential.

For more information about Essential Church and ways to partner in reaching the Seattle area, contact Warren Mainard.

Warren Mainard
Facebook: MyEssentialChurch
Twitter: @EssentialPastor

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