Step-by-Steps for Reaching a People Group in Your City

As promised, we are going to use Fridays as a way to highlight our work with the Peoples Next Door project. Over at the PND blog today, I’m interacting with an article by Justin Long, an excellent missionary thinker with ActBeyond.

The article brings up two points that I want to spend some time considering on the blog here. The first is cultural distance. Cultural distance is a big deal when it comes to gospel proclamation and even discipleship. The further apart two cultures are, the harder it is for them to understand one another. Justin brings up this point in his article and handles it well.

Next, Justin provides a good step-by-step on reaching people group communities. I like where he is going here, and his thoughts look similar to what we are finding out here at SEBTS.

So, head over to the Peoples Next Door blog and read my interaction:

Chiming in: “Geography, Ethnography and Missions” by Justin Long


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