Today, Pray for a Missionary in South Asia

Jeonju, South Korea

Today, pray for missionaries serving in South Asia. They have a handful of faithful churches in their area. Their team is training them to grow in their relationship with God as well as share and multiply into other churches. They’ve been there for over a year, and have seen a few people decide to follow Jesus! Also, they have one believer friend who led another family to follow Jesus!
God is at work in thier city, so please join us in praying for a healthy church in every ward. (Wards are similar to subdivisions in the US. It is a way to organize the city.)

“Let our hearts be filled with the assurance that prayer offered in living faith in the living God will bring certain and abundant answer.” – Andrew Murray

Missions is not a solitary effort. [Tweet “Our men, women, and families depend upon your prayers on behalf of their people and ministries.”]

Today, you can invest in a missionary through prayer as we highlight their work and needs. Join with the CGCS in this incredible opportunity to touch the nations and to encourage our SEBTS international missionaries. Here are some specific requests from our missionary serving in South Asia.
  • We are learning Hindi. We want to know Hindi because it will allow us to share with 24 of 25 people we met in our city. Pray that we can learn this well and quickly.
  • We need a stronger vision as a team for how to get from where we are now to “healthy church in every ward”. Pray for wisdom as we figure out what God wants to do here.
  • Pray for boldness among ourselves and other believers in the midst of recent persecution in our city. Many churches here are afraid, but need to trust God to advance His kingdom

Greg Mathias Contributor
Associate Director
Greg Mathias serves as the Associate Director of the Center for Great Commission Studies. His area of focus is international missions, and Greg works closely with our students who desire to serve in this context.
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