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ANoteFromSanDiegoBy: Sean Robinson

Christ simply said, “Follow Me.” He didn’t say “Figure it out.” It has been one of the most insightful and inspiring seasons of our young lives while serving the city of San Diego, here on the west coast. Lorna Bius who heads up LoveLoud through the North American Mission Board came and taught on our coaching day last week. What she told us was something so simplistic, but at the same time so complex and challenging to actually live out in our everyday lives. She charged us in a relentless pursuit to be more like Christ on the daily.

During our time here in California, the team and I have been stretched in so many ways. One thing that continues to press heavy on our hearts is loving with intentionality- in the same way Christ displays for us in the Scriptures. We have talked strategy as far as mapping, sound evangelistic techniques and questions while here in San Diego. All this has been a huge help for sure, but the one thing that has truly touched us is seeing just how simple our mission out here is. We are to follow Christ and his ways in every aspect of our lives.

Over the course of the first three weeks, seeing the Scriptures come to life in the everyday rhythms of our time here has been life changing. There is no greater feeling than being an eye witness to the beauty of living out the purpose in why we were created. We live this out by loving our good Father in a wholehearted act of worship in literally everything we do. We are called to follow Him no matter what it may cost us. As we’ve grasped this truth we have seen it’s evidence in the lives of those apart of the team as well as those who we are serving beside here in San Diego.

A quick story that paints a picture of what is taking place here happened this past Sunday. In the midst of what seems to be a picture perfect city, San Diego has a massive population of homeless people. The church that we attend is downtown and in the thick of the homeless area. On Sunday, a woman who is homeless came to service and sat in the back. During a quick time of fellowship in the middle of the service (similar to a meet and greet) Ebbie Davis decided to go and speak with her. They had a quick conversation considering not much time was given, but what was said spoke volumes. This lady simply said, I JUST DESIRE TO BE LOVED… Ebbie went on to do just that, by simply praying for her and then hugging and holding this woman. Showing her the love she desired because of who Christ is.

Again, this is something so simple but it showed me just how easy our task is. We are to follow Him and His ways as we live our lives for Him, knowing that we love because He first loved us. [Tweet “One out of one people desire to be loved.”] To hear it so blatantly stated gave me chills. Throughout this trip, whether the people of this city say it or not, they desire to be loved. The task to simply follow Him in loving this city well has been made so clear, and not just through this story but through many others.

Our task is so simple though… Denying ourselves every single day, picking up our cross and following Him with everything. The Lord has used the people of San Diego to make known to us the desire of everyone’s heart; which is to be loved. We have the privilege of possessing the opportunity to show and tell of His love to a city that is crying out for it.

Please continue to pray as we show love to the people of San Diego.



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