Today, Pray for a Missionary Family in Europe

PrayForMaltaThis week please be in prayer for a missionary family serving in Europe! Below is their monthly update and prayer needs. Please lift them up with your family daily.

“Let our hearts be filled with the assurance that prayer offered in living faith in the living God will bring certain and abundant answer.” – Andrew Murray

Missions is not a solitary effort. Our men, women, and families depend upon your prayers on behalf of their people and ministries. Each Tuesday you can invest in a missionary through prayer as we highlight their work and needs. Join with the CGCS in this incredible opportunity to touch the nations and to encourage our SEBTS international missionaries. Here are some specific requests from our missionary serving in Europe:

Summertime! The festivals and car wash that we had at the beginning of the month with the volunteer team went great! We had wonderful turn outs at all three events, and solid conversations were had with many people. We surprisingly had more conversations with internationals at the event than locals. We are able reach the nations from this tiny island!The following week we took the youth from our local fellowship and their friends to play football at the charity marathon and had an excellent time. Two weeks later, one of our follow-up events was a Family Day at the National Park. The turnout was low, but that allowed us to spend quality time with two families that happened to be in the same area of the park where we were. Just being out in the community and making yourself available provides opportunities to minister and we are thankful our Lord works out these divine appointments! 

The Secret Church event went well also. Close to thirty people attended, representing roughly five different fellowships on the island. It was definitely a lot to take in during the 6+ hours, but everyone said they enjoyed the teaching and materials were passed out to take home for further study.

My wife was blessed to be able to return to the Women’s Retreat this year, which was largely provided by a partner church in Tennessee! Woohoo! It was such a time of refreshment to be surrounded by fellow mom’s, M’s, and friends who live life in similar circumstances and can offer advice and wisdom and share burdens with one another. Dad and little one did really well together being without Mom for the first time (and for 4 days!).


  • Rejoicing in the great turnouts and meaningful conversations had at the festivals and car wash.
  • We celebrated three eventful and wonderful years of marriage!


  • Follow-up appointments with people
  • Our time here is coming to a close at July’s end and we are seeking the Father’s wisdom and will for the future. Join us in pr@yer as we ask for guidance and peace about next steps!

Greg Mathias Contributor
Associate Director
Greg Mathias serves as the Associate Director of the Center for Great Commission Studies. His area of focus is international missions, and Greg works closely with our students who desire to serve in this context.
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