Today, Pray for Missionaries in Tokyo

TokyoToday, pray for the Cole family serving in Japan! Here are a list of their requests:

  • Jon turned the big 3-0 this past weekend and Shepherd turned 6 months old the week before that! While “time flies” in America, it must be rocket speed in Japan! Our lives have changed so much in the past 1 and a half years in Japan! It’s hard to believe that little man is now rolling over, loving music, and eating baby food! Jon likes all of those things,too =)coles2
  • With Shepherd getting more and more active, studying is becoming more and more difficult. We are praying about putting Shepherd into part time daycare. Please pray with us through this decision and that we would find a safe and close daycare to place him in.
  • Arrie’s close friend Yoko recently fell and hurt her knee to the point that she had to have an unexpected surgery. She is now in the middle of a one month recovery at home and will need several months of rehabilitation before she is able to walk without assistance. While the surgery was unexpected for Yoko, it was not for our Lord. Recently Arrie visited Yoko and gave her a manga bible (manga is similar to comics – animated stories are very popular in Japan, even among adults). Please pray that Yoko would read this bible and that through it she will come to salvation.
  • We have made friends with another family in our area who are really fun and easy to talk to. The father, Takahiro, is interested in religion and also said he would love to meet with Jon and help him practice Japanese. We see this as a wonderful opportunity! These friends are “persons of peace” so we ask that you would pray for their hearts to open to hearing about Jesus and for their entire family to choose to follow Him. Pray for Takahiro (father), Rie (mother) and Rita (6 month old son).
  • On May 22nd, we performed our first “Live” performance at the station this year. Please pray for people to stop and listen and for connections to be made that lead to the gospel. Also, an IMB media team is coming to Japan to do an article and will be photographing/videoing the performance. Please pray for our hearts to be calm and that God would use their work to raise awareness about the needs in Japan.
  • Arrie’s Okaasan playgroups (Okaasan means mother) are a lot of fun, and also exhausting! God is provided friendships, so please pray that God would use these friendships for His glory.coles
  • We both received great results from our last language evaluation. PTL!
  • There are several short term M teams and 3 interns coming out this summer. Last year through summer teams we saw a Chinese student, K – san, come to faith and started discipling him. This is an example of how God works through summer teams. Please pray for their time here to be fruitful and for us as we work with these teams and follow up on any decisions that are made.
  • On May 23rd, we had a BBQ at a local park in celebration of Jon’s birthday. Many Japanese came to our BBQ; please pray for our relationships with them to reflect the Gospel.

As you lift us up please also continue praying for our M friends serving in Nepal and were there during the recent earthquake. They were left without a home and are sleeping in a tent for the time being. People’s hearts are very open right now to hear the Good News. Please pray for M’s and the people of Nepal.

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Greg Mathias serves as the Associate Director of the Center for Great Commission Studies. His area of focus is international missions, and Greg works closely with our students who desire to serve in this context.
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