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As we continue our discussion on social media in the digimodern age we need to focus our mind’s eye down to a few specific social media. These three are the big three, the ones people are statistically most likely to be engaged with. And it’s within this framework of the big three that most of the discussion Sam and I are having can be more easily understood.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are the media wherein a major portion of the world interact socially online, and where Southeastern has a media presence. Let’s take a quick look at these three:

Facebook: These days people are will be just as shocked that you don’t have a cell phone, as they are that you don’t have a Facebook account. Currently there are roughly 1.4 billion users on Facebook. That is 20% of the earth’s population. This is a pastor’s ready-made dream of learning more about his congregation.

Twitter: What are you doing/thinking/eating/seeing within 140 characters (including links).  Currently there are roughly 288 million users on Twitter. That is 4.1% of the earth’s population. On this platform people tweet about what they value more than anything else. Do you want to know what you care about? Then look at your tweets.

Instagram: A photo driven medium wherein you can apply filters to life and show the beauty of the creation all around you. Currently there are roughly 300 million users on Instagram. That is 4.3% of the earth’s population. This platform provides a snapshot into the daily life and loves of those in your congregation and community.

All of these media have their pluses and minuses that we as Christians must consider in our usage of them. Indeed as Marshall McLuhan said, “The medium is the message,” so what are the messages these media speak?

Still unconvinced of the power and value of social media? Here’s a recent article that highlights the top 800 social networks along with the numbers of users on each.

In our next post, Sam and I will explore how to approach the use of social media institutionally, pastorally, and missionally.

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Greg Mathias serves as the Associate Director of the Center for Great Commission Studies. His area of focus is international missions, and Greg works closely with our students who desire to serve in this context.
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