Missions: When the Honeymoon Stage is Over

GMW15_PromoOur campus is a buzz with activity this week. As many of you are aware it’s our annual Global Missions Week. Often this week proves significant in the lives of our budding missionaries, pastors, and church planters. A particular favorite time of the week was our Tuesday chapel in which we commissioned those going to the cities and nations for the sake of the gospel. As we send some of our best and brightest overseas, I thought it appropriate to consider what ‘real’ life is like living and serving overseas.

Over at his blog, The Culture Blend, Jerry Jones provides a realistic snapshot of living overseas beyond the honeymoon stage. As you read, The Seven Lies of Living Cross Culturally, pray these three things:

  • Global Missions Week will be significant in the lives of our students, staff, and faculty
  • For those students commissioned this week—pray for the huge changes coming their way
  • For those already serving overseas, pray as they encounter life beyond the honeymoon stage

Greg Mathias Contributor
Associate Director
Greg Mathias serves as the Associate Director of the Center for Great Commission Studies. His area of focus is international missions, and Greg works closely with our students who desire to serve in this context.
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