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Military_BlogAs the Apostle Paul sat in prison he could have never imagined what God was about to accomplish through his guards. In the days ahead the Praetorian guards assigned to watch over him would become an unlikely pathway through which the gospel would spread far and wide. Because of their influence and transient life, Paul found himself at the intersection where faithful witness to Christ and the Wisdom of God meet to create a unique opportunity.It was an opportunity that caused him to write to the church at Philippi and say, “My circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel, so that my imprisonment in the cause of Christ has become well known throughout the whole Praetorian Guard…” Like Paul, we can see the thread of God’s redemptive story running through our modern military communities.

Some really exciting things are taking place in North America in the area of military church planting. Service men and women all over the world are using the natural movements of military deployments and reassignments to carry the gospel around the globe. NAMB’s new Military church planting initiative is helping to facilitate the movement and churches from around the country are taking an active role in supporting church plants near US military installations both at home and abroad. The Praetorian Project is one such project aiming to plant a new church at every USMC base worldwide.

 If you are active duty, reserve or retired military I’d like to meet with you during Global Missions Week to describe some of the incredible opportunities that are emerging among service members for church planting and share a little about how you could use your experiences to reach service members and their families with the Gospel of Christ. I will be in the Jacumin-Simpson building from 11-12 o’clock on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week (21st-23rd). Come by, get a free lunch, and find out about this great opportunity.


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Mike Dodson Author
Associate Director for North American Church Planting
Mike is an Assistant Professor of Church Planting and Evangelism, the Associate Director for North American Church Planting for the Center for Great Commission Studies, and a National Missionary of the North American Mission Board (D.Miss., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.Div., Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary)
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