Today, Pray for a Family in Toronto


This week we are featuring Mike Seaman, a church planter in Toronto Canada and fellow Southeastern grad. Alongside Daniel Yang, Mike and his wife Missy moved to Toronto a few years ago to plant Trinity Life Church. We are excited about partnering with this plant at the end of March.  We will be sending a team of students, led by our beloved Dr. Echer, to do ministry in this city for a week. Below is an update on Trinity Life and the Seaman family to introduce you to their work and how you can be praying for them and our students.

 Traffic, Sirens, & Construction…

These are the sounds of the city. Busyness, brokenness, building things bigger and better. These are the sounds we wake up to every morning. These are the sounds of people. People pursuing something, people crying out for help, people desiring something more. BUT, these sights and sounds haven’t caused us to flee. Rather, waking up to them every morning is a clear reminder to persevere in calling people to pursue Him who satisfies, to cry out to the One who is our Ever-Present Help, and to desire Jesus who fulfills all desire! Thank you for joining us in doing that!

seaman torontoTHE FAMILY
It’s been awhile since I shared an update on our family–sorry! Yep, those are our little ladies, growing up fast. Emerson (in my arms) has started Junior Kindergarten (part of the school system here at 4 yrs old). Reagan, now 3 yrs old, is the same size as Emerson–she’s normal, Emmy’s tiny! And Missy and I just seem to get better with age; well, one of us does!



Mike Dodson Author
Associate Director for North American Church Planting
Mike is an Assistant Professor of Church Planting and Evangelism, the Associate Director for North American Church Planting for the Center for Great Commission Studies, and a National Missionary of the North American Mission Board (D.Miss., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.Div., Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary)
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