March Recap

SSudanOver the past month we’ve asked you to come along side our Center and pray for several families we’ve sent to the nations. We’ve invited you into a conversation about the importance of knowing how to use social media in the Digimordern Age to further the Kingdom, and we also took you on a trip around the globe to worship with our brothers and sisters in South Sudan. Three of our most mission-minded men:  Dr. Akin, Dr. Ewart and Professor Hildreth taught them solid doctrine and biblical principles. With only a grapefruit sized fan, Dr. Ewart painted us a picture of the work being done among the tribal/civil wars concerning churches in S. Sudan and Northern Uganda.

We hope that you were able to catch these stories the first go around; we don’t want you to miss what the Lord is doing in and through the CGCS. Please take a moment and engage with these blogs- share with us your opinions and concerns.


Lessons from South Sudan







The Great Commission and the Digimodern Age

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The Great Commission Studies (CGCS) is the hub of Southeastern’s Great Commission efforts, helping develop students and faculty members who are Great Commission servants of their local churches. The CGCS serves the Southeastern community in four major areas: academics, research, mobilization, and convention relationships.
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