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If you pay attention to our official Twitter or Instagram accounts, you may have seen President Akin riding an elephant. A little context here. Every year, the first two weeks of January give our office the special opportunity to go and teach our students currently serving on the mission field. As officially a part of the International Church Planting 2+ program, we call these courses “modulars.” These classes give Dr. Akin and Mrs. Akin the chance to come and encourage and visit our far-flung students. This past month, we were in Thailand with 20+ family units, hence the elephant riding picture. After pulling these missionaries together, hearing their heart, their struggles and joys, we want to pass along some specific prayer requests from them. Surprisingly enough, missionaries are human beings and they need prayer for much of the same issues we face back here in the states: family, interpersonal conflict, stress, etc. Today, set aside some time and pray for these twenty families and others that stretch across the 10/40 window and beyond. Here are some specifics to lift up:

  1. Pray that church planting teams among unreached peoples would share camaraderie, purpose, and vision.
  2. Pray for husbands and wives, that both spouses would share the same concern and love for the lost people around them.
  3. Pray for team leaders, that they would lead through serving and loving their team clearly and intentionally.
  4. Pray for missionaries, that they would set aside time from their schedules and spend time in prayer and the word.

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