A recap of February

It’s been a big month, one where culture, current events, and worldview have been featured on our site. We thought it helpful to provide you with a list of our favorite posts of the month. We’re really happy to challenge you to think and live missionally in light of what’s happening around the country and world. Here you go:

  1. Scott Hildreth’s The Faith of the Coptic Christians created a firestorm of discussion surrounding how we interpret the profession of faith among those 21 Egyptian Copts killed at the hands of ISIS. Scott gave keen insight for those wrestling with the question, Were these 21 guys really “Christians?”
  2. On the same topic, Will Taylor wrote They loved not their lives… as an immediate response to the Copts being killed, reflecting back on his own devotion to God and providing Karen Watson’s own epitaph as a Christian martyr and IMB worker in Iraq.
  3. Greg Mathias gave us A Response to the Chapel Hill Shootings, providing some clarity and guidance on how handle such a tragedy so close to home here in the Triangle.
  4. One article that may have fallen beneath your radar, we provided you a resource on How you should understand and pray for Mormons. These videos within this post are golden for understanding the key difference on how the theme of grace is interpreted from a Evangelical, Catholic, and Mormon perspective.

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