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Some days I really like technology. Today is one of those days.

With the explosion of international peoples in America’s urban centers, local churches everywhere are now faced with the task of doing missions in a completely new way. Local church involvement in this task is essential. There is no way to hire a bunch of missionaries to reach international peoples in our urban centers. Furthermore, the Great Commission belongs to local churches.

However, this great opportunity to reach the peoples next door brings on new problems. For instance, many of our neighbors from unreached parts of the world do not speak English. If they do, it will be their second language at best.

So, how do we share Christ with our new neighbors?

Enter Jesus Film Media. Many of you are certainly familiar with the Jesus Film. This massive project has put the story of Jesus into over 1100 languages and is used all around the world with great effect. I used the video when I worked in West Africa with great success. There is just something about hearing the story of Christ in your heart language that resonates in a powerful way.

Well, now, you can carry all 1100+ copies of the Jesus Film in your pocket, on your smart phone. Jesus Film Media has a resource website recently made available to the public with thousands of free videos (not just the Jesus Film) in over a thousand of languages. The entire site is free and provided so that the gospel goes forth in as many languages as possible.

Built right into the website is the option to share these films and videos through social media. Want someone to view a portion of the Jesus Film in Hindi? Then share it with them on Facebook.

Here is a super cheesy video about the tools from their website. Enjoy!

In order to check out the new resources, go to the website here. There are links to the apps for your smart phone or tablet as well.

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Senior Church Consultant
Keelan leads the Peoples Next Door project and is a Senior Church Consultant with the Union Baptist Association in Houston, TX. He is working on a PhD in Missiology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In previous years, he spent time as a church planter in West Africa with the IMB and doing ethno-graphic research in Washington, DC with NAMB.
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