Toronto: March 28-April 4


The greater metro Toronto area is home to approximately 6 million people. It is ranked 16th in 2012 on the Global Cities index. Surrounded by 4 regional municipalities, the city of Toronto is a dynamic place to engage students and challenge them to consider God’s call upon their lives. With its diversity, secular worldview, and growing foreign-born population, this is a challenging context that desperately needs gospel presence and proclamation.

Studies have shown that the church to population ratio is around 1 to 5000+. In the greater Toronto area, only 40 CNBC churches are present with only a handful larger than 100 people. The city of 2 million+ only has 4 CNBC churches. In addition, Toronto is a city that influences the world. Urban centers continue to be the primary location where culture develops. To evangelize the entire world, then, Toronto is a strategic starting point and launching pad for church planting and missionary activity. The city is filled with people who may impact the nation and world. It also has a significant university presence.

SEBTS seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus by equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission. This trip will provide an opportunity for SEBTS students to work with some of the church plants in metro Toronto and among various people groups that have located in the city. With the help of field partners and church planters, the team will engage in witnessing, service projects, and various other ministry opportunities. In addition, the team will help begin preparation for the Pan American Games that will be held there in 2015.

Dates: March 28-April 4

Cost: $1000

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