The Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong: What you need to know.

Hong Kong ProtestPhoto: Associated Press/Vincent Yu

Something big is happening in Hong Kong, the Umbrella Revolution. By now, you’ve probably seen it on the news. As Christians on mission, we should be aware of the social and political story in which these people find themselves. These people should be in our hearts when considering the largest people group in Hong Kong, the Han, is 89% non-Christian. Yes, we should care. We should pray for an open door for the gospel to be proclaimed.

Now, here’s the history, what you should know: In 1984, Britain and China agreed that the sovereignty of Hong Kong would be transferred from Britain to China in 1997, with the principle of “one country, two systems” established. Under this principle, Hong Kong would enjoy “a high degree of autonomy. Then, something dramatic and violent happened, the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. In short, these protests in Beijing caused sweeping reforms that included a “mini constitution” called the Basic Law of Hong Kong which enabled the eventual election of Hong Kong’s leader in 1997. Fast forward to August 31, 2014. In short, the government (National People’s Congress) of Hong Kong is taking measures to limit the electoral rights of its citizens through appointing its own three candidates. And, a very important point, this system will be approved by Beijing, China. Of course, this new system is stirring the anger in the hearts of the people of Hong Kong. The protestors want a stronger representation of democracy. They want their voice to be heard.

Please, pray for them. Pray for the people of Hong Kong and the leaders of that country. Here’s another extremely helpful resource for you. China File is worth a follow. They posted an extremely helpful article and video on this subject.go-link.orgстоимость рекламы на твкак узнать позиции сайта в яндексенаполнение сайта цена

Will works for the Center for Great Commission at Southeastern as the assistant program coordinator for Global Studies for the College. He’s had experience working and living in West Africa and Eastern Europe. Currently, he’s a Th.M. student at SEBTS.
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