Your Story in God’s Story



Day 18

How does your story fit into God’s story? We know that God created a perfect world, but that human’s chose sin and sent God’s perfect creation in a downward spiral. God, in his great love, entered into creation in the person of Jesus and paid the debt for sin and redemption. We are now living in the end-times, awaiting the return of the king to restore his creation for his glory.

What about you? Where do you fit into this story? You are part of the redemptive narrative. God has saved you and has commissioned you to tell his story to those who have not believed.

Also, your personal story is a tool God can use to bring others to faith in Christ. Take a few minutes and write out your story of faith?

Fall—what was your life like apart from Christ

Redemption—how did learn about God’s offer of salvation? How did you respond?

Restoration—how has the gospel restored your life to God’s vision? What is the basis and substance of your hope?

Use this story this week.

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