Walk Inside


Day 21

Yesterday I got to our church services early and decided since I was so early I would go and buy some gas. I went by a nearby station and decided to go in to pay instead of paying at the pump. I walked in and met a pleasant man from India. We were the only people in the store, and I asked him how long he had lived here and a couple other questions like that. Then, I asked him about his spiritual interests. He was a Hindu, he said. I spoke to him briefly about how Christ has changed my life, gave him some literature, and then went on to the services.  What if over a period of a few weeks this man encountered dozens of believers who took time to speak to him, to ask him about his spiritual life, and to speak of Christ?

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Scott Hildreth is the director of the Lewis A. Drummond Center for Great Commission Studies. He frequently speaks on issues of missions, spiritual formation, missiology, and theology. Scott also produces content on his own blog at www.dshildreth.com.
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