Serve a Server


Day 6

I’ve lived in Wake Forest almost 20 years. When Michelle and I first came to interview, then-dean of students Danny Akin took me to lunch at the only sit down restaurant in town. Now we are a destination for people to come to dine out as we have a plethora of restaurants. I have eaten countless meals and most of the time asked the server if we could pray with them (and left a good tip). I’ve seen a couple come to Christ and a lot of folks encouraged. 

During the 30 days, save up your spare change and go to a restaurant. Go at an off-peak time so the server is not too busy. Ask if you can pray for him/her, and look for ways to encourage them. At the least, leave a gospel booklet with the nice tip, and perhaps add a personal note on the receipt. Keep going to the same place and ask for the same server if you can. We have many servers in our area, most of whom do not know Christ.

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