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On Thursdays, we introduce to you a church planting effort in North America. For many SEBTS current and previous students, this is their mission field. We regularly keep up with them, receiving their updates and newsletters and we pray for them. So, we want to hand off that blessing to you. Here are some specific requests from Hub Church in Boston, MA. Please pray for what they’re doing.

This first year as a church family has been both foundational and exciting, as we have seen the Lord develop a culture where those who do not yet know Him feel free to belong before they believe!

• “Billy”, a young man who has not yet trusted Jesus and has been battling the court system regarding a past misdemeanor, was informed by his advocate that she would not be present at a hearing to determine possible jail time. To this “Billy” responded, “No worries! My church-family (i.e.: Hub) will be there!” And we were!

• “Janie”, a self-proclaimed atheist and friend of a woman in our church recently watched as her mom had a stroke. Janie said to her friend, “I figured I would ask you and Hub to be praying, because I know that you all will be praying and praying a lot. And we need lots of prayers!” We are asking the Lord for a great recovery so that “Janie” sees that our God is one who is willing to listen and can respond.

• “Michael”, a non-Christian neighbor of a gentleman in our church recently paid Hub a compliment when he said unequivocally, “Your friends are my friends!”

In our city and context, trusting Jesus and becoming a part of His people is a long, relational process that necessitates we give people the opportunity to belong before they believe. It also necessitates that we, as a church be very clear about our DNA.

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