Haystack Meeting: September 30

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On September 30, the Missionary Formation Society here at Southeastern is having another Haystack Meeting. In case you didn’t know. The Haystack Meeting of 1806 sparked the modern missions movement in America. It was started by college students and was centered around prayers that propelled young men and women to go to the nations. That’s what we’re all about here at Southeastern. This Missionary Formation Society and Haystack Meetings are meant to foster greater camaraderie among students, helping them to see the great need for the Gospel around the world.

On September 30, we’re happy to be hosting the Traveling Team to give a presentation for the Haystack Meeting. The Traveling Team exists to glorify God by educating and equipping college students to become World Christians who fulfill their responsibility in World Evangelization. Many college students are looking to live for something that is bigger than their major but are not finding it. Their view of missions is weak at best or that it is for others. God’s plan is for all believers to be involved and students provide the powerful young force behind histories greatest missions movements.

Here’s the details:

What: Haystack Meeting

When: September 30 at 7PM

Where: Jacumin-Simpson, EITEL

9.30 Haystack Meeting Slide

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Will works for the Center for Great Commission at Southeastern as the assistant program coordinator for Global Studies for the College. He’s had experience working and living in West Africa and Eastern Europe. Currently, he’s a Th.M. student at SEBTS.
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