From an Iraqi Refugee, “The Local Church Changed My Life”

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If you’ve been following the Missionary Toolbox here on the blog for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed the Peoples Next Door Project. The goal of the project is to develop reproducible strategies for mapping and engaging international people groups in North America. The following video is a great example of why that is such a big deal.

Majid is a refugee from Iraq. In specific, he is from Mosul, the area currently being rocked with intense persecution of Christians. Several years ago, he and his family moved to the United States to escape hardship and they landed in Raleigh, NC. This short clip is Majid recounting his story and sharing about the life change that occurred when a local church was intentional about reaching their international neighbors.

In addition, it serves as a great tool for those who want to reach internationals in the United States. Listen close, and Majid will provide you with some excellent insight into this kind of engagement. Listen for the needs and listen for the strategy.

You can watch the video below, it really is a remarkable story of gospel change. Enjoy!продвижения интернет магазинаmobil online gameиндексация сайта на гуглеконтекстная реклама в яндекс услуги

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Senior Church Consultant
Keelan leads the Peoples Next Door project and is a Senior Church Consultant with the Union Baptist Association in Houston, TX. He is working on a PhD in Missiology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In previous years, he spent time as a church planter in West Africa with the IMB and doing ethno-graphic research in Washington, DC with NAMB.
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