Local Churches and Church Planting: Part 2

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Last week in the Planter’s Bulletin, I painted a picture of how NAMB is not only sending planters to cities of North America, but also mobilizing local churches through partnerships. This week, I want to give you a real-life example of this, specifically highlighting what Calvary is doing as they adopt the city and the people of Calgary:

Calvary works with Bob & Debbie Shelton, the NAMB Missionaries in Calgary. Bob serves as the SEND City Coordinator for Calgary. They would really appreciate your prayers. Click here for more info.

Calvary has adopted  3 church planters:

  • Chris Ney—planting Vertical Church in Cochrane, Alberta,
  • Bo Neal—planting Southwinds Church in Mahogany, and
  • Brett Myers—planting Southwinds Church in the Cranston community of Calgary.

They are praying for and seeking to discover church planters and team members that they can develop, deploy and support in the future.

So what? Pray for Calvary and Calgary, that God would do great things in this partnership. If your church isn’t intentionally involved in helping plant other churches, then maybe your church could consider joining the effort to impact Calgary. Some may be thinking that they can’t do as much is Calvary is doing. That’s okay. Every church, no matter how big or small can play a part. Every church can adopt a place and pray. Every church can adopt, pray for and support a planter in some way. Most churches can send a mission team, even if it’s a small one, to help a church planter serve an unreached area. If we are going to reduce lostness in NA, it’s going to take all of us.

What else? Maybe you’re considering church planting, maybe even in Calgary. Or maybe you know someone you think might be a good fit for that kind of Kingdom endeavor. Let us know, email kcook@sebts.edu. Calvary is looking for planters or interns that would be a good fit for their partnership. If that’s you, let us know and we’ll pass that along to them.

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Associate Director for North American Church Planting
Mike is an Assistant Professor of Church Planting and Evangelism, the Associate Director for North American Church Planting for the Center for Great Commission Studies, and a National Missionary of the North American Mission Board (D.Miss., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.Div., Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary)
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