Congratulations to David Platt, our new IMB president


The Center for Great Commission Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary extends congratulations to David Platt and the IMB for his election as their new president.

David Platt has exhibited a genuine zeal to see the nations reached with the gospel of our Lord Jesus and we look forward to the next season of partnership with the IMB. For 169 years the IMB has served our denomination well, spreading our missionaries across the globe to make Christ’s name known where it is not. Now under David’s leadership, we pray that the IMB will move even further into the final dark corners of the globe. Here at the CGCS, it’s our joy to work intimately with the International Mission Board, sending our students across the globe to share the Gospel and plant churches. We stand firmly with the IMB and Dr. Platt as they move forward the cause of Christ.

Join with us, fellow Southern Baptists, as we support and pray for the new President at this crucial time.

In the coming days, pray for:

The transition of leadership. Transitioning leaders is a monumental task for organizations as large as the IMB. Pray this is a smooth transition that allows David to work effectively and the IMB to push forward with greater speed than before.

Pray for unity.  Pray that our combined, cooperative efforts, as in days past, will be far greater than what we could do alone.

Pray for Vision. In a changing world, the shape of global missions continues to change. The world is a different place than it was a generation ago. Countries that once had free access are now closed and places that were once thought impossible to reach are opening in new and fresh ways. Pray that David will lead the IMB into a new season of fervent evangelism and mission.

Pray for his character. A leader must be a man who stands above reproach. David Platt needs us to pray for him now more than ever. Pray that he stands strong not only in his professional life with the IMB but also in his personal and private life.

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Keelan leads the Peoples Next Door project and is a Senior Church Consultant with the Union Baptist Association in Houston, TX. He is working on a PhD in Missiology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In previous years, he spent time as a church planter in West Africa with the IMB and doing ethno-graphic research in Washington, DC with NAMB.
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