Global Missions Week 2014

Global Missions Week 2014 is fast approaching here at Southeastern. This year, we have some amazing events to push you beyond your comfort zone, finding your place in fulfilling the Great Commission. Throughout the week, be sure to stop by the missions building (Jacumin-Simpson) and hang out with missionaries over some tasty coffee and snacks. Here’s a brief run-through of the events within the week:

First, after chapel on Wednesday, the “Church Planting Pizza Panel” in the missions building will feature church planters from New York, New Jersey, and Baltimore, including Aaron Coe, VP of NAMB. They will be discussing “Planter & Place: Factors in Finding a Good Fit”. Basically, if you are looking into church planting, this panel is seeking to guid you in asking some crucial questions in determining whether you should plant in one location versus another. Other panelists include James Roberson (NYC), Ron Larson (Baltimore), and David Person (New Jersey). Also, free pizza!

Second, after chapel on Thursday from 11-2PM, be sure to come to the Ledford center and enjoy Taste of the Nations. This event is a way for people to learn about the nations of the world through the tastes, sights, and sounds of different countries. By the way, if you’re interested in bringing a tasty international dish, you are more than welcome. Just click here and fill out the form and bring it.

Third, Thursday evening will feature Mugs and Missions at 7PM here in Jacumin Simpson. This event will highlight what is it like to plant churches overseas: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Included in the discussion are some obstacles and helps to persevering in cross-cultural locations. The panelists will include missionaries from Middle East, Europe and East Asia. Free coffee and dessert will be provided.

Fourth, on Friday, there will be a chance for you to engage the international community in your own back yard. Over the past months, an effort has been made to discover various people groups within the Triangle. Many students here at Southeastern are familiar with this work and the CGCS wants to help get students out there in the community and engage these internationals. So, on Friday morning at 9:30AM, come to the missions building where some very practical information will be given on what’s called “narrative mapping.”  And then, we’ll go do it. Everyone should be back at the seminary by 2PM. For questions, please email

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