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Southeastern is passionate about the Great Commission. Sitting in class, listening to a professor teach about crossing cultures, engaging lostness, and seeing churches planted, have you ever wondered, “Why can’t I do that right now?” Well, this next Haystack Meeting is designed to answer that very question. The vision is to have a network of churches identifying and engaging a people group with the intention of starting a multiplying network of indigenous churches. Bold statement. We’re not talking about an airplane trip across the world. We’re talking about places within an hour’s drive of Southeastern.

Just to give you a birds-eye-view, this work embodies three values: (1) evangelize the lost; (2) cultivate indigenous churches that multiply regionally and reproduce internationally; and (3) identify indigenous leaders in order to train and equip them to multiply both themselves and their churches.Through this Haystack Meeting, the Center for Great Commission Studies hopes to provide this resource for students who are passionate about mobilizing their churches while they are in school at Southeastern. This meeting will focus on the practical skills behind such an endeavor, giving you an opportunity to take it to the streets and neighborhoods of Raleigh through identifying and mapping out various people groups in the area. And, this is just the beginning. The Center for Great Commission Studies and the Missionary Formation Society (college student group) will be organizing an event during Global Missions Week (April 4) that will push you out of your comfort zone and into cross-cultural engagement here, locally.


Where: Jacumin-Simpson Missions Building

When: March 11 at 6:30

Will there be food? YES. Tropical Pickin Chicken.

Fill out my online form.
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The Great Commission Studies (CGCS) is the hub of Southeastern’s Great Commission efforts, helping develop students and faculty members who are Great Commission servants of their local churches. The CGCS serves the Southeastern community in four major areas: academics, research, mobilization, and convention relationships.
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