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Are you passionate about missions and interested in translating the Scriptures into the heart language of a people? Southeastern is hosting Dennis Cochrane of Wycliffe Bible Translators on February 4, 2014. We’re excited to offer students the opportunity to interact and engage with Dennis and Wycliffe’s efforts among the unreached tribes in Papua New Guinea. After chapel on February 14, there will be a free luncheon in the CGCS where Dennis will discuss the vision for Wycliffe and their work around the world with Bible Translating.

Also, that evening Dennis will be the keynote speaker at this semester’s first Haystack Meeting. These meetings are put in place by the Missionary Formation Society for college students here at Southeastern that are passionate about missions and see themselves playing a role in fulfilling the Great Commission. In addition to praying for the unreached and laborers, the Haystack Meetings give some more practical, boots-on-the-ground information about life as a missionary. Please, don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about what God is doing through great men like Dennis around the world.

Dennis and his wife Nancy served as linguists and Bible translators among the 20,000 Duna people of Papua New Guinea. After devising an alphabet for this previously unwritten language they produced primers and readers, teaching many to read their own language. They then translated the first portions of God’s Word into the Duna language. Several thousand Duna came to faith in Christ and today there are many churches among these people.  Dennis is a graduate of Columbia International University and Wheaton Graduate School of Theology. His linguistic studies were done at the University of North Dakota.

The CGCS is proud to host Dennis after chapel for an informational luncheon about Bible translation. In a Haystack Meeting that evening, Dennis will highlight how Bible translation corresponds with church planting movements. As response, students will pray for the nations and for laborers to go to the field.

Here are some details for the day:

February 14, 2014

Luncheon : 11:05AM in Jacumin Simpson

Haystack Meeting : 6:30PM in Jacumin Simpson

We hope to see you there!

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